How to transfer Provident Fund

It has been over a year since the online PF portal has started accepting PF transfer / withdrawal requests but I still see people struggling to figure out how to transfer provident fund amount from one account to other easily and more importantly, quickly. I don’t tend to exaggerate but the SLAs (time bound execution) are non-existent for most of the government organizations and wherever they are, the effective system for their enforcement is not present. Anyways, for the purpose of this blog and based on my personal experience I would highlight the process to answer our main concern: how to transfer provident fund.

Though I have written a blog post already for online submission of provident fund transfer request but online submission is just not enough because of the inherent limitation in the online portal itself. In my case when I checked the status with my previous employer after two weeks of online submission I got to know that my employer is able to see my application but not able to approve. So essentially both entities are suffering, employees are not able to submit online and employers not able to see or approve it online. I, then decided to go via manual route where in i got the entire amount PF amount transferred within 30 working days from the day I couriered my forms to the previous employer whereas on online portal it is still showing as In Progress.

If you see there are two ways of submitting the Provident Fund Transfer request:

  1. Online
    1. routing it via present employer first
    2. routing the request via previous employer first
  2. Manual
    1. routing it via present employer first
    2. routing the request via past employer first

Always remember that routing via previous employer is always the fastest option, the reason is they own that money and unless they sign or approve your application the money can’t be released. So even if you send it via present employer the form would finally be approved by your previous organization. Here is the process for with manual submission: 

  1. Form 13: Filled in three copies of form 13 with correct and complete details of the both PF accounts (the one which has the money and the one in which you want the amount to be transferred. Three copies are meant for the Present Employer, EPFO office and the Previous Employer.
  2. Get it validated by Present Employer: To avoid further verification delays, get it validated by present employer’s finance department (all three copies) and courier them to the previous employer. One of these would be sent back to the present employer with stamp and signatures of previous employer and EPFO for record purposes.
  3. Insist for received acknowledgement: Follow up with your previous organization and get a written (e-mailed) acknowledgement once form 13 are received by them. This is very important to ensure future communication.
  4. Request for form submission acknowledgement: The previous organization might take a week or two to process your request before submitting it to EPFO office. You need this receipt before you could proceed with next steps. This is the real proof that your organization has processed your request and submitted it to EPFO for actual transfer. At the same time you can request your previous organization to expedite your request to avoid unnecessary delays.
  5. Raise a grievance with EPFO: This is the main trick, despite all other issues, EPFO has to maintain SLAs for the submitted grievances. They have to respond within 48hours of the request.  After a week or two of your form submission in EPFO you should raise a grievance here (Home  -> Register Grievance) asking for Annexure K. Annexure K is one main document which is created and submitted by your previous organization to EPFO and it contains the details of your contributions (i.e. how much has to be transferred in each bucket like Employee Share, Employer Share, Pension etc). Note that you have to add UAN and PF account of previous organization here because it was submitted by them to the corresponding EPFO. Fill till the end, upload the copy of the form submission in EPFO (received in previous step) and Submit.  You can use this sample text in your requests: 

  6. Submit Signed Annexure K to your present employer: Annexure K is a document which proves that previous organization and the corresponding EPFO has in principle approved as well as processed your Provident Fund transfer request. Once you receive the Annexure K from EPFO, take a printout sign it and hand it over to the present employer so that they can submit it to your current EPFO. After this form is submitted it usually takes 15 working days for the transfer to complete and amount visibility in your account.

At the same time I would recommend you to check the status of your claim on EPFO site (Services -> Know Your Claim Status). Note that you need to enter the UAN of the PF account from which money has to be transferred out. Also you can download UMANG app on your mobile and check the passbook for the transfer in details of the Provident fund from time to time. 

I hope after one iteration you would be in better state to explain how to transfer provident fund to others. Let me know in case of any questions.


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