“Sharing knowledge is best way to learn.”

From my experiences in big data I see people find things moving so fast that they hardly get enough time to understand the basics. Most of the time it is project pressure and steep learning curve for new technologies due to which main focus is mostly on deliveries leaving very less time for in depth understanding.

I strongly believe until we have dedicated phases in project life cycle to revisit project architecture, implementations and technologies we can’t achieve technical excellence which usually has direct impact on project cost. At the same time I do understand that due to very nature and challenges (budget and resource constraints) of current service industry it is next to impossible to carve out place for these activities.

The true mantras for success in such scenarios are to

  1. Develop Your Insight:- So much so that you know what is valuable and what is not
  2. Find Your Inspiration:- It is a well know truth that Saints too have a wish…a wish for emancipation or liberation. Nothing else can propel you but your own desire to get something.

With these guiding principles I wanted to join hands with the aspiring big data community and share my learning in this field.

I won’t limit myself to big data or data science but would be open to share my take/solutions about the general problems as well.

Currently I am employed with UHG, a wonderful organization which lives by its values every day. UHG is one of the best organizations investing a lot of resources in its employees, be it is about the well being, growth, training, learning opportunities or work life balance. This conscious effort enables individuals to excel at their work. As an Architect for Product Engineering and Data Solutions Team in India I work with different business stakeholders covering solutioning aspects of the product development. We bring in data from all phases of Insurance cycle covering product/problem exploration, Legal, Patient Data, Sales Data, Provider Data, Customer Data, Claims Data, etc. And finally do some great stuff around these datasets be it serving real time feeds to the sales reps, assisting underwriters in their underwriting process, predicting the customer health problems, etc. Isn’t this an interesting and awesome work?



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